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Happy New Year!

Paying quick homage to the late great Betty White, we could really use a vodka and hotdog right now. 2021 was a heck of a year and we're off to a wonky start to 2022 already. Our road to riches has been filled with ups and downs, tops' and turvs' but we're inching our way along. We still don't have any boxes to pack our Stiff Upper Lip into yet. Supply chains amiright? Everyone's a logistics expert now. Just add it to the growing list of newly minted credentials of immunologist, economist, virologist, public health expert etc. That's all the lamentation for now.

2022 is going to be a big year. We're getting closer to sharing our new Canadian whisky with y'all and we're pretty pumped about that. Some big changes are afoot, like a polar vortex swooping into our southern climes. Oh ya, meteorology expert now too. Sorry, getting back on track, we should be hitting stores in the next few months, and you'll start to see us pop up more throughout the year, like that mosquito in ear-shot in a tent in the woods. Not in an annoying way, more like something you'll never forget?


The Old Sons

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