A Slow Burn

We incorporated in 2017. Premature? Maybe, but it’s kept us on our path to glory ever since. We’ve been toiling away in an undisclosed illegal basement for years, but now we’re legit. Think Breaking Bad, if Meth were legal. Couple of guys in their underwear, boiling grain, getting it all yeasty and letting it “do it’s thing” for a few days only to unlock the pure genius of science with that fermented liquid evaporating into beautifully sweet, grainy alcohol. 

We don’t pretend it’s been smooth operating since the day we started. We’ve poured out more money than we care to admit with failed attempts, low-yielding stripping runs and even lower rectification runs. But those failed attempts fueled us to improve. And we did. We bought barrels, little ones, and aged our improvements to see what would happen. And science happened again. We pulled in tasty vanillas and caramels and proofed it down to drinkable levels. We got better at it. Then we got consistent at it. And now we’re trying to share it with y’all. So keep your eyes peeled on that Canadian Whisky shelf at the LCBO, because we’re coming for ya, and we hope to see you soon.


The Old Sons

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