Can We Borrow A Feeling?

Grab that too-big-to-be-stylish hoodie, a comfy plastic patio chair and get ready to feel classy AF. As the great Johnny Drama once asked, “wanna pound some whisky and talk?”. Maybe you’re in a garage with a pal, listening to every song you want to hear, or a back deck, front porch, kitchen, den, living room etc. The point is, moments that open us up are the ones that count. We’re not saying you should drink in excess to get emotional, but there’s a certain feeling you get when you’re just gabbing, chatting, shooting the shit with a close one, and an accompanying drink seems to enhance that experience.

That’s what Stiff Upper Lip is to us, it’s our jar of love. It’s that social lubricant that breaks down barriers and gets us weeping into our glass. It’s a great excuse to catch up and enjoy a craft whisky with one another. We lead busy lives. We make excuses as to why we can’t make time. Grab a drink, you ask? Well, now we’re getting somewhere. Dinner wouldn’t be enough, and lunch just sounds like we’re not going home together. 

Bottom line, make time for one another. Support those you care about. We’d be honoured if you did so with a glass of Stiff Upper Lip, or maybe two. Again, be responsible with your drinking, but at the very least we hope you’ll have a good time doing it. Not “IT” per se, just enjoy whatever it is you were doing.


The Old Sons

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