So Conflict, Much Confuse

We’re heading into that season where all we want to do is be with loved ones, enjoying a cozy drink and over-indulging on food. But we’re told we can’t. We want to browse little shops, scented with cinnamons and pine trees and whatever other pot pouris, but we’re told we can’t. For us Old Sons, we want to get our bottle of whisky on LCBO shelves, but we’re told we have to wait. We hoped to be able to share it with you over the holidays but this has been a year of topsy-turvy so we know not to get our hopes up.

For now, we’ll enjoy our cozy drinks with the ones we enjoy all of our drinks and meals and days with. We’ll stay where we are and try to support our local shops as best we can, albeit without that small little wonder of discovery. We’ll mull over our wine and pine over those missed holiday moments. But then we’ll put it all into perspective. For us, if staying home keeps us and you out of the ER to give our first responders a break, we’ll do it. If staying home keeps our parents and seniors out of harm’s way until a safer time, we’ll do it. 

The bigger picture is a hell of a thing. If the biggest worry we have at the moment is whether or not our bottle is accepted at the LCBO, we’ll wait for it. We have time, no matter how eager we are. We’ll take it all in stride.

Happy Holidays!

The Old Sons

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