As we wind down the year and the messages of merriment start to circulate, we want to get in on some of the action. We also want to take a quick whirl of reflection and share a thing or two before the new year as well.

Cheers to our friends, our families, our Founders Club. Without any of you, we'd still be in the basement straining sludge and hoping for the best. The last couple of years have been an incredible ride of doubt, accomplishment and brand new anxieties. It's been a time. We hope you've been enjoying Stiff Upper Lip as much as we have and we're very excited for what's to come.

We've had some interesting conversations over the last 12 months. Last December we were sweating over sourcing cardboard, then BAM! The next thing we're sweating over is being grilled by an LCBO store manager over our sales figures and why they should stock our product. Very different sweats.

To everything in between, we're all the more wiser. To those who say we're struggling, we say we're just getting started. To those who say we've made it, we've got a long way to go. To all those who encourage and support our efforts, we're exactly where we need to be and we thank you for your enthusiasm. We feel like we have the right mix of smarts, panache and stubbornness to get to where we want to be. And where might that be? To put it plainly, sweating over a state-of-art steam-jacketed kettle mashing up tasty, grainy treats to enjoy in, like, ten years or whatever. 

For 2023, we're thrilled to be a vendor at the inaugural Whisky Wonderland, happening in the Ottawa area on Feb 17-19. It'll be our first shoulder rubbing with the biggies, so we'll be on our best behaviour... We're also working on some fun content that we hope you'll enjoy and share and gush over, and we've got some lofty goals ahead of us! Because....goals are important, right?

So happy holidays to all, and to all a good night!


The Old Sons

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