On Purpose

We're coming in hot for 2023. 

We ended 2022 with feelings of gratitude and pride of accomplishment. Now it's time to aggressively switch gears. Let's just say, shit got real in a hurry.

Old Son's Distillery is a purpose driven company. We believe in stewarding the environment as much as we possibly can. That's what we stand for. That's why we exist and that's the beating heart of everything we do. We're growing our business and trying to navigate a monopolized retail system that, on one hand has a program for said growth. Meanwhile at a granular level our growth is evaluated the exact same way as any other distiller in THE WORLD. Total sales. How does that make any sense? It doesn't. Rant over, but still very fresh.

So where does purpose come in? Right here, right now. It's now the tagline for everything we do. We're a purpose driven company, and the environment is our purpose. Every we event we do? We're a purpose driven company. Every sales pitch we make? We're a purpose driven company. Our brand elements are directly connected to the environment we serve.

The Barley Blade = Our dedication to local and sustainable grains.

The Sharpened Axe = Our dedication to sustainable craftsmanship.

The Mighty Fir = Our dedication to environmental stewardship.

So for all you beautiful whisky drinkers out there, put your trust in Old Son's Distillery. We're standing up for what we believe in and we're pretty damn sure you share some of those beliefs. So make the conscious choice when selecting your next whisky. Buy a bottle of Stiff Upper Lip and contribute to our mission of sustainable distilling. And tell your friends. Tell everyone you know. 

See you at Whisky Wonderland!

With Purpose,

The Old Sons

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