Where did March come from? Hot dang that came quick. Last month we were riding high on hitting 2023 right in the mouth. You know, like trying to change the game plan, assuming we had a game plan...

Our plans were planning. January cruised through easily. Business was humming.  February kickstarted with Whisky Wonderland, which was a heck of an event. Now we're bewaring the Ides of March. It's like 2023 hit the pause button and we're coming back in slo-mo. There's no better time to second guess a new production run when sales have momentarily stalled. It's really great for confidence levels.

It's not all gloomy. We'll still go ahead with our second production run, which by the way, is a huge milestone for us! But like any great band, we're hung up on our sophomore album. How do we stay true to our sound, not inadvertently reinvent ourselves and smack sales quotas in the face? 

We'll keep noodling until we find a song that slaps.


The Old Sons


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