...What I Miss?

That was an unforeseen hiatus. I've been trying to think of an AI joke, but it took too long so here we go. 

Business picked up again in April and spread into May so that's a relief. We've completed our second production run after some bottle size hiccups. Turns out size really can matter...but seriously, a few millimetres to the left and yikes, nothing fits anymore!

It's interesting after a year's worth of sales to reflect and realize that we're now part of the system. We're in the churn. We need to get out and sell more and keep reminding stores to re-stock us and keep reminding wonderful people like yourselves to keep drinking our product. It's so easy to fall into that trap. One of our goals was to never be just another bottle on a shelf, and yet that's what we're pushing for at the moment. The LCBO is the only game in town and we need to be stocked to keep selling and we need to keep selling to be stocked. What a cruel system.

But it's time like these we hark back to what we're working towards. We're still very much committed to establishing a sustainable distillery that works with the environment. We're still very much committed to sourcing local ingredients and dedicating our efforts to the craft. And we are still very much committed to having fun doing it.

But back to the churn for a second, buy a bottle of Stiff Upper Lip! Help out your friendly neighbourhood distiller and show them some love. Heck, go so far as to help out any friendly neighbourhood entrepreneur. It ain't easy, and a little goes a long way.


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