We had a conversation last week about our progress and where we are in relation to the targets we set for ourselves this year. We wanted to sell 1,000 bottles in our first 6 months. We're 3 months in and we've sold about 25% of our initial target. Is that good? We have no idea. Was our target too ambitious? Again, no idea. But then we looked at each other, lovingly of course, and said "it's not bad, considering we haven't really done anything". 

The follow-up to that comment was "imagine where we'd be if we tried a bit more". Now isn't that interesting. That little shift in perspective reinvigorated us to get out and get'r goin, eh! 

Targets are great, goals are wonderful and pace is also a thing. We think what's important right now is to achieve what we can within our current means. Some might scoff at our numbers, some might think it's amazing. We're somewhere in the middle. We're thrilled, but we know we can do more. And we will do more, when we can do more.

To our loyal customers, Founders Club and anyone else who has enjoyed Stiff Upper Lip, we thank you and hope to keep you enjoying it for some time. So keep sippin' (responsibly) and we'll keep stocking shelves nearby!


The Old Sons

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